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Table 1 The full compliance questionnaire for rheumatology (CQR19)

From: A 5 item version of the Compliance Questionnaire for Rheumatology (CQR5) successfully identifies low adherence to DMARDs

Q1 If the rheumatologist tells me to take the medicines, I do so
Q2* I take my anti-rheumatic medicines because I then have fewer problems
Q3* I definitely don’t dare to miss my anti-rheumatic medications
Q4 If I can help myself with alternative therapies, I prefer that to what my rheumatologist prescribes
Q5* My medicines are always stored in the same place and that’s why I don’t forget them
Q6* I take my medicines because I have complete confidence in my rheumatologist
Q7 The most important reason to take my anti-rheumatic medicines is that I can still do what I want to do
Q8 I don’t like to take medicine. If I can do without them, I will
Q9 When I am on vacation, it sometimes happens that I don’t take my medicines
Q10 I take my anti-rheumatic drugs, for otherwise what’s the point of consulting a rheumatologist?
Q11 I don’t expect miracles from my anti-rheumatic medicines
Q12 If you can’t stand the medicines you might say: “throw it away, no matter what”
Q13 If I don’t take my anti-rheumatic medicines regularly, the inflammation returns
Q14 If I don’t take my anti-rheumatic medicines, my body warns me
Q15 My health goes above everything else and if I have to take medicines to keep well, I will
Q16 I use a dose organizer for my medications
Q17* What the doctor tells me, I hang on to
Q18 If I don’t take my anti-rheumatic medicines, I have more complaints
Q19 It happens every now and them, I go out for the weekend and then I don’t take my medicines
  1. Note: Items denoted with * have been retained in the final 5 item CQR5 questionnaire.