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Table 2 Key barriers identified by stakeholder group and level of agreement

From: Patient’s access to healthcare and treatment in rheumatoid arthritis: the views of stakeholders in Portugal

Major research topic based on RA circuit Key barriers identified Level of agreement
  (n = 5) (n = 5) (n = 9) (n = 6) (n = 4) (n = 1) (n = 1)
Access to healthcare services a) Difficulties in accessing primary healthcare services 0/5 3/5 NA NA NA NA NA
b) Difficulties in RA diagnosis among GPs 0/5 1/5 9/9 NA NA 1/1 1/1
c) Difficulties in accessing secondary healthcare services 1/5 2/5 4/9 NA NA 1/1 1/1
Treatment with biologics d) Difficulties in accessing biologics NA NA 4/9 0/6 0/4 0/1 1/1
  1. Level of agreement: number of stakeholders who recognised the issue as a key barrier in the RA circuit/ total sample interviewed among the group of stakeholders, n: total sample interviewed among the group of stakeholders, NA: research topic not addressed by this group of stakeholders, RA: rheumatoid arthritis, GPs: general practitioners, U-GP: urban general practitioner, R-GP: rural general practitioner, REU: rheumatologist, PHA: hospital pharmacy managers and purchasers, HMA: hospital managers; SPR: Portuguese Society of Rheumatology, ANDAR: Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Association.