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Table 1 Major research topics addressed by each group of stakeholders

From: Patient’s access to healthcare and treatment in rheumatoid arthritis: the views of stakeholders in Portugal

  Urban GPs Rural GPs Rheumatologists Hospital pharmacy managers and purchasers* Hospital managers Budget holders SPR ANDAR
Number of interviews 5 5 9 6 4 3 1 1
Major research topics Estimation of target RA patients      
Access to healthcare services    
Access to RA treatment    
Treatment with biologics    
Hospital financing/management   
  1. *Directors responsible for hospitals’ purchasing departments. Regional and national budget holders from Central Administration of Health System (ACSS).
  2. GPs: General practitioners, RA: Rheumatoid Arthritis, SPR: Portuguese Society of Rheumatology, ANDAR: National Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient Association.