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Figure 1

From: Low dose native type II collagen prevents pain in a rat osteoarthritis model

Figure 1

Pain: noxious stimulus, Paw-pressure test. Monoarthritis was induced by injection of MIA into the knee joint. On day 1, 2 mg MIA in 25 μl saline were delivered in the left (ipsilateral) articular cavity. Paw pressure test was performed on day 14. Collagen was suspended in 1% CMC and daily administered p.o. starting on the 1th day suddenly after MIA. Control animals were treated with vehicle. Each value represents the mean of 12 rats performed in 2 different experimental set.*P < 0.01 vs the contralateral paw; §P < 0.05 and ^P < 0.01 vs the MIA + vehicle treated rats.

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