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Table 3 Data-collection visits

From: Strength Training for Arthritis Trial (START): design and rationale

Measurements PSV SV1 SV2 RV FU6 FU12 FU18
randomization     x    
informed consent   x      
eligibility questionnaire x       
medical history xc x    x x x
WOMAC   x x   x x x
PASE scale   x    x x x
MoCA   x    x x x
CES-D   x    x x x
SF-36 (general health, quality life)   x    x x x
Self Efficacy   x    x x x
6-min walk   x    x x x
Demographics   x      
Brief physical exam   x      
Medication Form   x    x x x
Knee A-P x-ray   x      x
Knee x-ray skyline view   x      
Full length lower extremity x-ray   x      
height xc x      
weight xc x    x x x
Waist/Hip circumference    x   x x x
DXA    x     x
CT scans: thigh     x    x
Biomarkers: blood     x    x
Biomarkers: urine     x x   x
Gait Analysis    x   x   x
Muscle function tests: Power, Strength    x   x x x