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Table 1 Summary of the 2 sub-studies: the anatomical study of the averaged center of the AM bundle attachment on the femur (Sub-study I) and the averaged center of the actually created femoral tunnel for AM bundle reconstruction (Sub-study II). Each value shows “the average (Standard deviation)”

From: A quantitative technique to create a femoral tunnel at the averaged center of the anteromedial bundle attachment in anatomic double-bundle anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

  Sub-study I (n=38) Sub-study II (n=63) P–value Power
Orientation (o’clock) 10:37 (0:20) 10:41 (0:18) p=0.2998 1.0
Distance D (mm) 5.0 (1.2) 5.0 (1.1) p=0.9496 1.0
Xc (%) 25.8 (3.1) 26.7 (1.9) p=0.0841 0.97
Yc (%) 20.7 (5.2) 19.6 (4.9) p=0.2722 0.96
  1. The o’clock orientation shows the value in the right knee.