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Figure 2

From: Bilateral apical vertebral derotation technique by vertebral column manipulation compared with vertebral coplanar alignment technique in the correction of lenke type 1 idiopathic scoliosis

Figure 2

Case 1. A 13-year-old female patient with Lenke type 1BN IS was treated with bilateral apical vertebral derotation by VCM. a, b) Preoperative major curve Cobb angle (a) was 55.6°, and thoracic kyphosis (b) was 38.1°; c, d) Postoperative major curve Cobb angle (c) was 4.8°, and the thoracic kyphosis (d) was 24.2°; e, f) Preoperative (e) and postoperative (f) RAsag were 16.1° and 6.3°, respectively; g, h) Twenty-four months after surgery, radiographs show that the correction over the instrumented levels was maintained; i, j) Preoperative and postoperative clinical pictures demonstrating cosmetic changes.

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