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Figure 1

From: Bilateral apical vertebral derotation technique by vertebral column manipulation compared with vertebral coplanar alignment technique in the correction of lenke type 1 idiopathic scoliosis

Figure 1

Indices to assess the correction of apical rotation. a) RAsag: the angle between the middle line of the apical body and the sagittal line by CT; b) RH: the distance between the right and left posterior rib humps in the lateral radiographs of apical vertebrae level; c) AVB-R: the ratio of linear measurements from lateral borders of apical vertebrae to chest wall in the anteroposterior radiograph (A/B); d) ARSD: the difference in the sums of the intercostal distances at the five periapical segments measured at the lateral transverse process by anteroposterior radiograph [(a+b+c+d+e) - (f+g+h+i+j)].

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