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Table 1 International documentation and evaluation system variables used for the study

From: The course of radiographic loosening, pain and functional outcome around the first revision of a total hip arthroplasty

A (surgery form) B (revision form) C (follow-up form)
Surgery date Revision date Follow-up date
Gender Diagnosis Hip pain degree
Birth date N of previous revisions Time walked without support
  Status of co-lateral hip Hip flexion range
  Acetabular superior migration* Acetabular superior migration*
  Acetabular medial migration* Acetabular medial migration*
  Brocken implant* Continuous radiolucency around cup*
  Stem subsidence* Radiolucency between stem and cement*
  Stem out of shaft* Radiolucency between bone and cement*
  Endosteal resorption* Stem subsidence*
   Progressive tilt of stem*
   Endosteal resorption (small cavities only, defects)*
   Fracture of cement (femur, stem)*
  1. Asterisk marks questions which defined signs of radiological loosening.