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Table 2 Factor Levels used in calculating odds ratios and predicted probabilities

From: Patient preferences for adherence to treatment for osteoarthritis: the MEdication Decisions in Osteoarthritis Study (MEDOS)

Factor Glucosamine Acetaminophen Sustained release NSAID (selective, e.g. celecoxib) NSAID (non-selective, e.g. ibuprofen)
Pain Efficacy 1 1 1 1
Mode of Action Slow OA Quick Quick Quick
Dose Frequency Three Three Once Three
Treatment Schedule Daily Daily Daily Daily
Cost ($AU)a $20 $12.00 $34.20 $20
Prescription No No Yes No
Side effects Nil Nil High blood pressure, heart/kidney/liver problems Heartburn/reflux, stomach ulcers
  1. a The out-of-pocket costs represent those that would have been incurred at the time of the survey for non-healthcare concession cardholders.