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Table 1 Description of factors and levels used in the discrete choice experiment

From: Patient preferences for adherence to treatment for osteoarthritis: the MEdication Decisions in Osteoarthritis Study (MEDOS)

Factor Description Levels
Pain Efficacy What the pain can be reduced to (from 9/10) 1, 3, 4, 7
Mode of action How the medication works Quick pain relief (Base)
Slow Osteoarthritis
Dose frequency How often taken per day 1, 3 (Base)
Treatment Schedule How regularly taken When needed (Base)
Cost Cost to YOU every month $AUS 5, 20, 35 50
Prescription Prescription/purchase restrictions Yes: (pharmacy with prescription)
No: (pharmacy, health food store or supermarket without prescription) (Base)
Side effects Possible side effects of the medication No side effects (Base)
Heartburn/reflux, stomach ulcers
High blood pressure, heart/kidney/liver problems