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Table 1 Summary of measures to be collected

From: Effect of pre-operative neuromuscular training on functional outcome after total knee replacement: a randomized-controlled trial

Primary outcome measure 6–12 weeks pre-op. 1 week pre-op. at discharge 6 weeks post-op. 3 months post-op. 1 year post-op.
Chair Stand Test X X    X  
Secondary outcome measure       
Subscales pain and function of the KOOS X X   X X X
Additional outcome measures       
Muscle strength X X    X  
Knee-bending/30s X X    X  
Range of motion of the knee X X    X  
20m walk test X X    X  
Timed up and go X X    X  
Physical activity level X X   X X X
Adapted NHANES III X X   X X X
SF 36 X X   X X X
EQ-5D X X   X X X
RAPT X      
LOS    X    
Minutes of nursing care    X    
  1. KOOS Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score.
  2. NHANES National Health And Nutrition Examination Survey.
  3. SF 36 Short Form-36 health survey.
  4. EQ-5D EuroQol – 5 dimensions.
  5. RAPT Risk Assessment and Predictor Tool.
  6. LOS Length of stay.