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Table 1 Initial DMARD regimens

From: Baseline factors predicting change from the initial DMARD treatment during the first 2 years of rheumatoid arthritis: experience in the ERAN inception cohort

Initial DMARD regimen
Monotherapies (n = 670)
   MTX 43.9%
   SSZ 35.6%
   HCQ 5.4%
   Lef 1.6%
   Others 1.0%
Combination therapies (n = 96)
   MTX + SSZ + HCQ 6.8%
   MTX + SSZ 2.7%
   MTX + HCQ 1.4%
   Others 1.6%
  1. Prevalences of intial DMARD treatments in ERAN participants stratified into monotherapies and combination therapies. MTX methotrexate, SSZ suplphasalazine, HCQ hydroxychloroquine, Lef leflunomide.