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Table 1 Summary of data collection domains

From: European project on osteoarthritis: design of a six-cohort study on the personal and societal burden of osteoarthritis in an older European population

Demographics Socio-demographic information
Health characteristics Pain, stiffness, physical function (WOMAC/AUSCAN), chronic conditions, self-reported OA, joint replacements
Lifestyle characteristics Smoking, alcohol use, physical activity (LAPAQ)
Social characteristics Lubben Social Network Scale (LSNS), Maastricht Social Participation Profile (MSPP), Participation scale (P-scale)
Psychological characteristics & Wellbeing Mini-Mental State Exam (MMSE), Hospital Anxiety Depression Scales (HADS), Pearlin Mastery Scale, Quality of life (EuroQoL), self-rated health
Health care utilisation & physical environment Health care use and assistance, medication use, physical environment accessibility and usability (HACE), weather sensitivity, drive a car
  Clinical exam
Anthropometry Height, weight, waist and calf circumference
Muscle strength Hand grip strength
Physical performance Walk test, balance test, chair stand test
Musculoskeletal ACR classification criteria for hip, knee and hand OA
  Pain calendar
Pain Joint pain score, pain medication, health care use