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Table 1 Assessment for sources of risk of bias [13]

From: Osteopathic intervention in chronic non-specific low back pain: a systematic review

1 Randomisation adequate? Yes/No/Unsure
2 Concealed treatment allocation? Yes/No/Unsure
3 Patient blinded? Yes/No/Unsure
4 Care provider blinded? Yes/No/Unsure
5 Outcome assessor blinded? Yes/No/Unsure
6 Drop out rate described? Yes/No/Unsure
7 Participants analysed within group? Yes/No/Unsure
8 Free of selective outcome reporting? Yes/No/Unsure
9 Groups similar at baseline? Yes/No/Unsure
10 Co-interventions avoided/similar? Yes/No/Unsure
11 Compliance acceptable? Yes/No/Unsure
12 Timing of outcome similar? Yes/No/Unsure