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Table 7 PTOPS items arranged into the I-domains

From: Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the Physical Therapy Outpatient Satisfaction Survey in an Italian musculoskeletal population

Depersonalization   Factor1
Q33 My therapist should listen more carefully to what I tell him/her 0.813
Q15 My therapist could communicate with me more 0.774
Q27 My therapist doesn’t give me a chance to say what is on my mind 0.733
Q11 I feel my therapist overcharges me 0.689
Q23 I don’t really enjoy talking with my therapist 0.683
Q31 My therapist should be more thorough in my treatment 0.696
Q03 I expect the facility to be quieter than it is 0.657
Q20 The facility is too crowded 0.650
Q16 I have to wait too long between appointments 0.617
Q13 My therapist acts like he/she is doing me a big favor by treating me 0.571
Q06 I expect my therapist to spend more time with me than he/she does 0.577
Q08 It is difficult for me to get into the facility from the parking lot 0.377
  Variance explained 5.257
  Proportion of variance explained 0.438
Inaccessibility   Factor1
Q05* The distance required to get to the facility is acceptable to me 0.785
Q10 This facility could be more conveniently located for me 0.759
Q19 It is somewhat difficult to reach this PT facility 0.863
Q21 I have to travel too far to receive my treatment 0.859
Q28 I should not have to travel this far for therapy 0.824
Q32* The physical therapy facility is conveniently located for me 0.848
  Variance explained 4.072
  Proportion of variance explained 0.679
Ambience   Factor1
Q02 I enjoy listening to my therapist 0.510
Q07 I am given privacy when I need it 0.602
Q12 The office staff is attentive to my needs 0.643
Q18 This facility is a nice place to get my therapy 0.707
Q22 I can get around easily inside of the facility 0.659
Q24 My therapist seems to have a genuine interest in me as a person 0.532
Q26 I anticipate my questions will be answered clearly 0.615
Q29 This facility appreciates my business 0.379
Q34 I get along well with everyone in this PT facility 0.641
Q14 The facility is in a desirable location 0.554
  Variance explained 3.494
  Proportion of variance explained 0.349
Cost   Factor1
Q01 The cost of treatment more than expected 0.641
Q04* The facility is flexible about payment options 0.716
Q09* I am charged a reasonable amount for my therapy 0.821
Q17 The quality of the care I receive is not compatible with the cost 0.731
Q25* My therapist does not expect me to pay significantly more than what my insurance covers 0.258
Q30 It could be easier to make the arrangements to pay for my therapy 0.764
  Variance explained 2.781
  Proportion of variance explained 0.463
  1. For each domain, factor analysis was applied and one factor extracted. For each item, its loading (correlation) with its domain’s factor are reported.