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Table 1 Overview of the data collection

From: Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery (REALISE): design of a randomised controlled trial

Outcome measures   Follow-up
  Baseline 3 days 1 wk 3 wk 6 wk 9 wk 12 wk 26 wk
Demographic data X        
Primary outcomes         
Functional status (ODI) X    X X X X X
Pain intensity leg (NRS) X X   X X X X X
Pain intensity back (NRS) X X   X X X X X
Global perceived recovery (GPE)     X X X X X
General health status (SF-12) X    X X X X X
Health related quality of life (EQ-5D) X    X X X X X
Secondary outcomes         
Psychosocial status (ÖMPSQ) X        
Fear avoidance beliefs (FABQ) X        
Expectations (CEQ) X   X      
Pain Coping (PCI) X        
Prognostic factors         
Length/severity of complaints X        
Surgical complications   X       
Economic evaluation         
Absence from work (PRODISQ)      X   X X
Cost questionnaire      X   X X
  1. ODI: Oswestry Disability Index; NRS: Numerical Rating Scale; GPE: Global Perceived Effect Scale; SF-12: Medical Outcome Study Short Form 12; EQ-D5: EuroQol; ÖMPSQ: Örebro Musculoskeletal Pain Screening Questionnaire; FABQ: Fear-Avoidance Beliefs Questionnaire; CEQ: credibility/expectancy questionnaire; PCI: Pain Coping Inventory; PRODISQ: Productivity and Disease Questionnaire; wk: week or weeks.