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Table 1 ACL-SPORTS training protocol (2 times/wk)

From: Anterior cruciate ligament- specialized post-operative return-to-sports (ACL-SPORTS) training: a randomized control trial

  Session 1-3   Session 4-6 Session 7-10
Nordic Hamstrings Partial 2 x 5   Partial 3 x 5 Partial 3 x 5
Kneeling on mat table, therapist stabilizing feet (~30-45°)   (~30-45°) (>60°)
Standing Squat Session 1: 3x10 with focus on proper technique 3 x 10 3 x 10  
Must squat to knees at 90 degrees, tapping chair/table/box with gluts Add t-band around knees progress t-bands to black X
Drop jumps** 3 x 10 BLE’s to BLE’s   3 x 10 BLE’s to involved limb 3 x 10 Involved limb to involved limb off box
In front of mirror, monitor proper form with landing Jump off appropriate height (4-6-8 inch)  
  Jump off appropriate height (4-6-8 inch) Jump off appropriate height (4-6-8 inch)
Triple single leg hopping** Forward/backward x10*   Forward/backward x15* Forward/backward x15*
Side to side x10*   Side to side x15* Side to side x15*
  No object   Add low object to jump over (2 inch cups) Increase height of object, appropriate for the pt. (4 inch cups or 6 inch hurdles)
This is for proper landing, NOT distance  
Tuck jumps**     2 sets, 10-20 sec
Proper form knees to 90° X   X Progress to 3 sets, 20-30 seconds each
  1. **Brace worn if surgeon requires post-op functional brace for RTS activities. *1 rep= 3 consecutive hops forward, 3 hops backward or 3 consecutive hops laterally.