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Table 2 Physical Exposure at the Worker (Job) Level (measurements/observations in the field) (From Garg et al. 2010)

From: The WISTAH hand study: A prospective cohort study of distal upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders

Exposure Type Measurements
General Department and worker title, shift length
Pace Self, line, piece work
Job rotation No. of tasks, duration of each task, title of each task
Prior work experience Title, years on each job, and worker’s Borg CR-10 rating for DUE and each job
Second job outside facility Title, years on second job, and worker’s Borg CR-10 rating for dominant hand and second job
Strength Grip, lateral pinch and 3-point pinch for dominant hand
Fatigue Overall worker DUE Borg CR-10 rating for the dominant hand at the end of the shift and beginning of the shift