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Table 1 the exact exercise, number of repetitions and external load will be determined by the physiotherapist.

From: Early intervention for adolescents with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome - a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial

Functional retraining exercises performed three times a week •Sitting (isometric)
• Sit-to-stand
• Single step up
• Stair walking
• Single leg squat
Quadriceps muscle strengthening performed three times/week • Inner range (open kinetic chain)
• Mid range (open kinetic chain)
• Weight-bearing
Hip abduction strengthening performed three times a week • Side-lying hip abduction
• Side-lying hip abduction with rubber band for resistance
• Standing, hip abduction of the non-weight bearing leg
• Standing, hip abduction of the non-weight bearing leg with rubber band between the ankles as extra resistance
• Side-lying bridge
• Side-bridge with hip abduction
Stretching • Hamstring muscle stretches in sitting
• Anterior hip structures stretch. Subjects in prone position, one hip externally rotated and with both the hip and knee flexed
• Patellofemoral joint mobilisation and soft-tissue will be performed by the physiotherapist and taught so patient can perform this themselves
Patellar taping • Combination of tilt, medial glide and fat pad unloading as necessary- the tape will be applied by the physiotherapist each training session