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Table 1 Falls and fracture risk questionnaire for inclusion into the Osteo-cise: Strong Bones for Life study

From: Osteo-cise: Strong Bones for Life: Protocol for a community-based randomised controlled trial of a multi-modal exercise and osteoporosis education program for older adults at risk of falls and fractures

Risk Factor Guidelines Value Score
History of Falling 1 Self-reported risk of falling (2 or more falls past year) 3  
Low trauma fracture 2 Since age of 50 years 3  
Parental hip fracture Did either of your parents suffer a hip fracture? 3  
Age >75 years 2  
Menopause status Early menopause or hysterectomy (<45 yr) 2  
Inability to rise from a chair without using arms Are you able to rise from a chair without using your arms? 2  
Medication use Are you currently taking four or more medications? 2  
Below average BMD Proximal femur bone density T-score between 0.0 to –1.0 SD 2  
Thinness BMI <20 2  
High risk of low vitamin “D” or calcium “Do you spend less than 10 minutes per day outdoors (with part of your body exposed to sunlight), without taking vitamin D supplements”   
  OR 1  
  “Do you avoid, or are you allergic to milk or dairy products, without taking calcium supplements”   
Score ≥ 3 = Eligible for the study Total  
  1. 1 A fall is defined as an event which results in a person coming to rest inadvertently on the ground or floor or other lower level.
  2. 2 A low trauma fracture is defined as any fragility fracture (e.g. hip, spine, forearm, humerus, pelvis, ribs) from a standing height or less.