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Table 2 Overview of measurement instruments and time of assessment

From: Study protocol: Transition from localized low back pain to chronic widespread pain in general practice: Identification of risk factors, preventive factors and key elements for treatment – A cohort study

Function Construct Type T0 T1 T1 T2 T3 T4
baseline 3 months 3 months 6 month 9 month 1 year
Description of sample characteristics Socio demographic data German Pain Questionnaire (module S) +      
Pain anamnesis Body pain drawing model + + + + + +
  German Pain Questionnaire (pain anamnesis) +      
  Multidimensional Pain Inventory (part 1, social support subscale) +      
  Multidimensional Pain Inventory (complete)       +
  Graded Chronic Pain (von Korff Index) +      
Pain perception Schmerzempfindungsskala (SES)   + +    
Therapy course + medication German Pain Questionnaire (therapy and medication items) +    +   +
Comorbidities Self Administered Comorbidity Questionnaire (SACQ) +      
Psychosomatic symptoms Symptom Check-List-90-R (SCL-90-R, Somatisation subscale) +      
Risk factors Screening: anxiety + depression Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS) +      
Trauma Screening Post Traumatic Diagnostic Scale (PDS-d-1) (part 1 + 2)   +     +
Critical life events Questionnaire for critical life events   +     +
Protective factors Resilience Brief Resilience scale (RS-11) +      
Coping resources for back pain Fragebogen zu Bewältigungsressourcen bei Rückenschmerzen (FBR) +      
Stress Management Brief-Cope   +     +
Self-Efficacy GSE (General Self-Efficacy)   +     +