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Table 2 Adverse events

From: Total knee replacement plus physical and medical therapy or treatment with physical and medical therapy alone: a randomised controlled trial in patients with knee osteoarthritis (the MEDIC-study)

Method of registration   Adverse event
Treatment records   
   All events reported by the participant
Hospital records   
  During surgery  
   Patella fracture
   Tibia fracture
   Femur fracture
   Rupture of the patella tendon
   Deep infection
   Surgery demanding skin necrosis
   Surgery demanding scar tissue adherences
   Thrombophlebitis in demand of anticoagulant treatment
   Patella sub-/luxation
   Supra-condylar femur fracture
   Permanent n. peroneus paresis
   Pulmonary embolism
   Patella fracture
   Aseptic loosening
   Polyethylene defect (tibia)
   Polyethylene defect (patella)
   Secondary insertion of patella component
   Pain without loosening
   Other events related to the index knee
   Other events not related to the index knee
   All events reported by the participant using open-probe questioning