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Table 2 ICD9 Inclusion and Exclusion Codes for the Registry/Observational Cohort

From: Study protocol: The back pain outcomes using longitudinal data (BOLD) registry

Inclusion Diagnoses Exclusion Diagnoses
ICD9 Code Description ICD9 Code Description
307.89 Psychogenic backache V66.7 Encounter for palliative care
721.3 Lumbosacral spondylosis w/o myelopathy 042, 079.53 HIV within the last five years
   140-239.9 (except 173, 210–229) Cancer other than non-melanoma skin cancer within the last 5 years and benign neoplasms
721.5 Kissing spine (Baastrup Disease) 290.0–290.4 Dementia
721.6 Ankylosing vertebral hyperostosis 324.1 Intraspinal abscess
721.7 Traumatic spondylopathy 331.0 Alzheimer’s disease
721.8 Other allied disorders of spine 630–676 Pregnancy-related diagnoses
721.9 Spondylosis of unspecified site w/o myelopathy 720.0–720.9 Inflammatory spondyloarthropathies
721.90 Spondylosis of unspecified site w/o myelopathy 730–730.99 Osteomyelitis
722.1 Displacement of thoracic or lumbar disc w/o myelopathy 737.30–737.39 737.40–737.43 Developmental spine deformities
722.10 Displacement of lumbar disc w/o myelopathy 733.8, 733.81–733.8InternalRef>) Non-union/mal-union of fracture
722.11 Displacement of thoracic disc w/o myelopathy 805–806.9 Fractures of spinal column
722.2 Degeneration of intervertebral disc, site unspecified 839–839.59 All vertebral dislocations
722.3 Schmorl’s nodes E800-E849.9 Vehicular accidents
722.31 Schmorl’s nodes- thoracic region 03.09; 80.50 Prior lumbar surgery:
722.32 Schmorl’s nodes- lumbar region 80.51; 80.52; ·Laminectomy
722.5 Degeneration of thoracic or lumbar intervertebral disc 80.59; 81.00; ·Discectomy
722.51 Degeneration of thoracic or thoracolumbar intervertebral disc 81.06–81.09; ·Fusion
722.52 Degeneration of lumbar or lumbosacral intervertebral disc 03.02; 03.6; ·Other
722.6 Degeneration of intervertebral disc, site unspecified 78.69  
722.9 Other and unspecified disc disorder   
722.90 Other and unspecified disc disorder of unspecified region   
722.92 Other and unspecified disc disorder of thoracic region   
722.93 Other and unspecified of lumbar region   
724 Other and unspecified disorders of back   
724.0 Spinal stenosis, not cervical   
724.00 Spinal stenosis of unspecified region   
724.01 Spinal stenosis- thoracic   
724.02 Spinal stenosis- lumbar   
724.03 Spinal stenosis- lumbar with neurogenic claudication   
724.09 Spinal stenosis- other region   
724.1 Pain in thoracic spine   
724.2 Lumbago   
724.3 Sciatica   
724.4 Back pain w/radiation, unspec   
724.5 Backache, unspecified   
724.6 Disorders of sacrum (including Lumbosacral junction)   
733.1 Pathologic fractures:   
733.10, ·unspecified site,
733.13 ·vertebrae
733.95 Stress fracture of other bone   
738.4 Acquired spondylolisthesis   
738.5 Other acquired deformity of back or spine   
739.2 Nonallopathic lesions- thoracic, not elsewhere classified   
739.3 Nonallopathic lesions, lumbar, not elsewhere classified   
739.4 Nonallopathic lesions, sacral, not elsewhere classified   
756.11 Spondylolysis   
756.12 Spondylolisthesis   
846.0 Lumbosacral sprain   
846.1 Sacroiliac (ligament) sprain   
846.2 Sacrospinatus (ligament) sprain   
846.3 Sacrotuberous (ligament) sprain   
846.8 Other specified sites of sacroiliac region sprain   
846.9 Unspecified site of sacroiliac region sprain   
847.1 Thoracic sprain   
847.2 Lumbar sprain   
847.3 Sacral sprain   
847.9 Sprain- unspecified site of back