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Table 5 Additional behaviors among medication and supplement users (n = 157)

From: Medication and supplement use for managing joint symptoms among patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis: a cross-sectional study

Behavior Distribution
Reported Medication/Supplement As Ineffective or were Prescribed Stronger Dose 26 (16.6%)
Use of Illegal Drugs (e.g., marijuana) 3 (1.9%)
Use of Other Person's Prescription Medication 3 (1.9%)
Use of Medication Prescribed for Other Ailments 7 (4.5%)
Received Medication from Emergency Room 5 (3.2%)
Adverse Events from Medications/Supplements 5 (3.2%)
Stopped Medication Because the Prescription Ran out 17 (10.8%)
Stopped Medication for Miscellaneous Reasons 13 (8.3%)
  1. m = mean, sd = standard deviation.