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Figure 1 | BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders

Figure 1

From: Impregnation of bone chips with alendronate and cefazolin, combined with demineralized bone matrix: a bone chamber study in goats

Figure 1

Histological results. A. Typical example of ALL + DBM group. Notice large area of fibrous tissue (FT) between graft remnants (right) and new bone (NB). B. Typical example of BIS + DBM group. Bone chamber is fully filled with a mixture of graft remnants, DBM and new bone. C. Non incorporated mixture of bone graft (BG) and demineralized bone (DBM) of ALL + DBM + BIS group. D. The incorporation front in a chamber with ALL. Arrows point at osteoclasts. E. Fibrous tissue surrounding bone grafts. ALL + AB + 2BIS group. F. Osteoclasts on DBM bone particle. ALL + DBM group. G. Enlargement of bone in ALL + AB + 2BIS group. Notice mixture of new bone (NB) with osteocytes and bone graft (BG). H. New bone formed in ALL + DBM group. J. Ossification (arrows) of BIS particles in bone chamber of ALL + DBM + BIS group. Bars are 1 mm (A, B), 500 μ (H), 250 μ (C, D, E, J) or 100 μM (F, G).

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