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Table 4 The bone-implant-contact (BIC) measurements of threads is demonstrated.

From: Osseointegration and biocompatibility of different metal implants - a comparative experimental investigation in sheep

Type of screw BIC in % ± in %
CCZTC 39.1 22.4
TANNEW 38.0 23.5
PTST 36.5 23.5
TANST 34.8 22.0
CCTC 33.6 23.1
Steel 23.2 18.8
CC 14.0 13.6
  1. Note that steel and cobalt chrome have significantly less contact compared to all other type of materials. The chrome based implants either coated with zirconium (CCZTC) or titanium (CCTC) show equal BIC values than the other titanium based screw implants