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Table 1 Studies on surgeon volume and TKA outcome

From: The role of surgeon volume on patient outcome in total knee arthroplasty: a systematic review of the literature

Study Patients (n) Study design Country Year data collected Data source Outcomes
Kreder et al (2003) 14352 Retrospective Canada 1992-1996 OHIP and CIHI MR (in hospital), MR (90d), infection, revision, complication, LOS
Katz et al (2004) 80904 Retrospective US 2000 Medicare MR (90d), MI, infection, pneumonia, PE
Katz et al (2007) 906 Prospective US 2000 Medicare, patient survey WOMAC, patient satisfaction, 90 degree flexion, full extension
Muilwijk et al (2007) 6357 Retrospective Netherlands 1996-2003 Dutch Nosocomial Infection Surveillance Network Infection
Manley et al (2009) 53971 Retrospective US 1997-2004 Medicare 2, 5, 8 year implant survivorship
Ong et al (2009) NR Retrospective US 1997-2004 Medicare Procedure duration
Yasunaga et al (2009) 3577 Prospective Japan 2006-2007 Web based surgeon survey MR (in-hospital), infection, DVT, PE, pneumonia, LOS
Paterson et al (2010) 27217 Retrospective Canada 2000-2004 OHIP and CIHI MR (90d), revision, readmission for surgery, LOS, complications
Wei et al (2010) 31618 Retrospective Taiwan 2000-2003 NHI LOS, hospital charges, infection, complications
Styron et al (2011) 67713 Retrospective US 2002 HCUP database LOS
Baker et al (2011) 260 Retrospective UK 2006-2007 Local Database and National Joint Registry Transfusion rate
  1. (MR Mortality rate, LOS Length of stay, HCUP Health Care Utilization Project, PE Pulmonary embolus, DVT Deep venous thrombosis, MI Myocardial infarction, WOMAC Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index, OHIP Ontario Health Insurance Plan, CIHI Canadian Institute for Health Information, NHI National Health Insurance, NR Not reported).