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Table 1 Functional Hip Exercise circuit

From: Functional exercise after total hip replacement (FEATHER) a randomised control trial

Exercise Description and progression
Sit to stand Sit to stand exercise from chair. Hands used to guide only. Progress with increased repetitions and speed.
Toe raises Stand straight feet flat on floor, Keep abdomen tight and hold one leg up as you raise on toes as high as possible.
Knee raises Back straight slowly lift one leg as high as you can and lower to floor raise opposite arms as knee is raised.
Side and back leg raises Slowly raise leg out to side and then return to start. Repeat with opposite side. Repeat exercise with leg into extension.
Partial knee bends Stand on both legs. Keep abdomen tight lower towards floor by bending knees to approx 30 degrees. Straighten knees and repeat.
Single knee bends Stand on one leg, grip floor with toes and slowly lower to approx 30 degrees progress with dumbbells.
One legged standing balance Use two chairs transfer weight to operated leg and pick other leg up try to balance for 10 seconds. Progress with timed balance.
Advanced one legged balance As previous but also turn head from side to side.
Pelvic raising/lowering Stand on operated leg. Stand unsupported not allowing pelvis to drop. Progress by slowly raising and lowering pelvis on the side of the bent knee.