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Table 1 Summary of measures to be collected

From: Strengthening and stretching for rheumatoid arthritis of the hand (SARAH): design of a randomised controlled trial of a hand and upper limb exercise intervention - ISRCTN89936343

Domain Data source Measures – Instrument (Scale – high value is better score unless specified) Time points
Function Research Clinic Questionnaire (participant reported) Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ)– overall Hand function score (0–100) 0, 4, 12
   Michigan Hand Outcomes Questionnaire (MHQ)– overall score (0–100)  
Pain Research Clinic Questionnaire Pain sub-scale of MHQ (0–100; high score is worse) 0, 4, 12
   ‘Troublesomeness’ rating (0–20; high score is worse)  
Impairment Research Clinic Examination (performed by outcome assessor) Joint deformity (MCPJ only) – goniometer (Degrees; high score is worse) 0, 4, 12
   Wrist range of motion (flexion/extension) – goniometer (Degrees)  
   Finger range of motion (combined flexion and combined extension) – Ruler (mm; high score is worse for combined flexion)  
   Thumb opposition range of motion - observation (0–10)  
   Dexterity - timed 9 hole peg test (Seconds; high score is worse)  
   Grip and Pinch Strength – dynamometer (Newtons)  
Disease Activity Medical Records Research Clinic Examination Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR – mm/h) and/or C-Reactive protein (CRP – mg/l) blood test 0, 4, 12
   Hand and wrist joint tenderness and swelling count – examination (0–22; high score is worse)  
Health-related Quality of Life Research Clinic Questionnaire SF-12(0-100) 0, 4, 12
   EuroQol EQ-5D (health utility)(0–1)  
Self-efficacy Research Clinic Questionnaire 7 item questionnaire 0, 4, 12
Satisfaction Research Clinic Questionnaire Treatment satisfaction item 4,12
   Satisfaction sub-scale of MHQ (0–100)  
Global Change Research Clinic Questionnaire Participant-rated global change question(7 point Likert scale) 4, 12
Adherence Research Clinic Questionnaire 5 item questionnaire 0, 4, 12
Economics Research Clinic Questionnaire Resource use questionnaire 4, 12