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Table 4 Random examples of expressed concerns about side effects of combination medication, divided into 5 categories by 5/18 patients

From: Patients’ views about treatment with combination therapy for Rheumatoid Arthritis: a comparative qualitative study

Concerns about side effects Patients’ accounts
Ambivalence ‘I had some concerns about the side effects, but at the same time I had no choice, because that is what I have to take in order to improve my situation… so I was willing to go along with it [medication]’. (Patient 13, early RA)
Physical problems (long-term) ‘I wanted to know whether it would affect the organs in my body, because I have had chest x-rays and things like that, and I have blood test every month. I always worry about what would happen to my inner organs’. (Patient 8, established RA)
Worries about cancer ‘In the back of my mind I am worried about getting a cancer or tumour, because I am thinking I am getting quite immune suppressed.’ (Patient 7, established RA)
Uncertainty about treatment failure ‘I do not find the treatment helped at all, as I still got pain, the drugs are not controlling the RA…I can only see the situation getting worse’. (Patient 15, early RA).
Number of medication ‘I mean at the beginning I was a bit concerned about the medication MTX, ahm… but the ones I am now on, I am OK about.. I just think: there are so many tablets to take’. (Patient 6 early RA)