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Table 4 Reported occupational tasks and activities as causes or aggravating factors for musculoskeletal complaints in specific body regions among bricklayers and supervisors participating in a baseline and follow-up survey

From: Musculoskeletal disorders among construction workers: a one-year follow-up study

Activity Body region no 1 Body region no 2 Body region no 3
Bricklayers Foot Lower leg/ankle Upper leg
Construction supervisors Upper leg Hip Back
Walking across the construction site
Bricklayers n.a. n.a. n.a.
Construction supervisors Upper leg Lower leg/ankle Knee
Kneeling and stooping
Bricklayers Knee Upper leg Lower leg/ankle
Construction supervisors Knee Upper leg Hip
Working with a bent back
Bricklayers Back Hip Upper leg
Construction supervisors Back Upper leg Hip
Carrying and lifting
Bricklayers Back Upper leg Elbow
Construction supervisors Lower arm/wrist Back Upper leg
Repetitive arm -hand movements
Bricklayers Elbow Lower arm/wrist Shoulder/upper arm
Construction supervisors Elbow Lower arm/wrist Hand
Working above shoulder height
Bricklayers Shoulder/upper arm Neck Elbow
Construction supervisors Shoulder/upper arm Neck Lower arm/wrist
Working with vibrating hand tools
Bricklayers Elbow Hand Shoulder/upper arm
Construction supervisors Hand Lower arm/wrist Back
Climbing ladder/scaffold
Bricklayers Upper leg Lower leg/ankle Foot
Construction supervisors Upper leg Knee Lower leg/ankle
Driving vehicles
Bricklayers Lower leg/ankle Foot Hand
Construction supervisors Neck Back Hip
  1. n.a. not applicable, bricklayers were not asked about the activity ‘walking’.
  2. The top-three body regions for every activity are presented.