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Table 2 Ahlbäck grade in the series

From: Relationship between radiological grading and clinical status in knee osteoarthritis. a multicentric study

Ahlbäck grading N %
I Narrowing of the joint space (with or without subchondral sclerosis) (*) 243 18.3
II Obliteration of the joint space 358 26.9
III Bone defect/loss <5 mm 416 31.3
IV Bone defect/loss between 5 and 10 mm 241 18.1
V Bone defect/loss >10 mm, often with subluxation and arthritis of the other compartment 71 5.3
Total 1329 100.0
  1. (*) Joint space narrowing is defined by a space inferior to 3 mm or inferior to half of the space in the other compartment (or in the homologous compartment of the other knee).