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Table 3 Occurrence of symptomatic* knee disorders

From: Symptomatic knee disorders in floor layers and graphic designers. A cross-sectional study

Symptomatic: OR 95% CI
Tibio-femoral knee OA 2.60 (0.99–6.9)
(floor layers, n=134, graphic designers, n=120)   
Patello-femoral knee OA (yes/no) 1.35 (0.44–4.1)
(floor layers, n=134, graphic designers, n=120)   
Medial meniscal lesion (yes/no)** 2.04 (0.77–5.5)
(floor layers, n=85, graphic designers, n=40)   
  1. Floor layers compared to graphic designers.
  2. *Symptomatic is defined as KOOS-score ≤ 400 combined with radiographic detected knee osteoarthritis or MRI-detected medial meniscal tear.
  3. ** 17 missing (did not answer/or did not answer all questions in questionnaires).