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Table 2 Study Assessment Schedule

From: Land- and water-based exercise intervention in women with fibromyalgia: the al-andalus physical activity randomised controlled trial

Assessment Screening Baseline Intervention Post-intervention (24 weeks) Detraining (12 weeks)
- Informed Consent X     
Day 1 testing      
- Sociodemographic data X    X X
- Mini Mental State Examination X     
- Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire-PAR-Q X     
- Beck Depression Inventory-II X    X X
- Tender points X    X X
- Visual analogic scale for pain   X X X X
Questionnaires to complete at home between day 1 and 2      
- Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire   X   X X
- Short-Form Health Survey 36   X   X X
- State Trait Anxiety Inventory-I   X   X X
- Trait Meta-Mood Scale   X   X X
- Positive and Negative Affectivity Schedule   X   X X
- Satisfaction With Life Scale   X   X X
- Life Orientation Test Revised   X   X X
- Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index   X   X X
- Multidimensional Fatigue Inventory   X   X X
- ALPHA Environmental questionnaire   X   X X
- Sedentary Behavior Questionnaire   X   X X
- Physical activity at homework or workplace instrument   X   X X
- Leisure time physical activity instrument   X   X X
- International Fitness Scale   X   X X
- Chronic Pain Self-Efficacy Scale   X   X X
- Pain Catastrophizing Scale   X   X X
Day 2 testing      
- Paced Auditory Serial Addition Task   X   X X
- Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test   X   X X
- Body composition   X   X X
- Chair sit and reach test   X   X X
- Back scratch test   X   X X
- Arm curl test   X   X X
- 30-s chair stand test   X   X X
- 8 ft up and go test   X   X X
- Handgrip strength   X   X X
- 6-min walk test   X   X X
- Accelerometry (1 week)   X   X X
- Patient Global Impression of Improvement scale     X