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Table 2 Complications of the glenoid component as reason for the first re-intervention after RTSA

From: Revision of reversed total shoulder arthroplasty. Indications and outcome

  Primary Indication for RTSA Complication leading to re-intervention Treatment of the complications
  (n=) (n=) (n=)
Anatomical Reverse Irreparable RCR (2) Glenoid loosening (2) Glenoid change (2)
  Irreparable RCR and OA (3) Pullouts (3) Conversions to hemi-TP (2)
    Spacer implantation (1)
Delta III Irreparable RCR (1) Glenoid loosening (1) Glenoid change (2)
  Failed of hemi-prosthesis (1) Pullout (1) Conversion to hemi-prosthesis (1)
  Sequel of fracture (1) Glenosphere disassembly (1)  
  1. RCR: Rotator cuff rupture, OA: Osteoarthritis.