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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Communication style and exercise compliance in physiotherapy (CONNECT). A cluster randomized controlled trial to test a theory-based intervention to increase chronic low back pain patients’ adherence to physiotherapists’ recommendations: study rationale, design, and methods

Inclusion criteria
Age 18 to 70 years
Diagnosis LBP of mechanical origin with/ without radiation to the lower limb
Pain duration chronic (≥3 months) or recurrent (≥3 episodes in previous year)
Language English speaking and English literate.
Contact status Access to a telephone
Exclusion criteria
Pathology Suspected or confirmed serious spinal pathology (fracture, metastatic, inflammatory or infective diseases of the spine, cauda equina syndrome/widespread neurological disorder).
  Nerve root compromise (2 of strength, reflex or sensation affected for same nerve root)
Past medical history Spinal surgery or History of systemic / inflammatory disease
Current medical status Scheduled for major surgery during treatment
Treatment status Currently or having received treatment for CLBP within previous 3 months
Pregnancy Suspected or confirmed pregnancy
Contraindications Unstable angina / uncontrolled cardiac dysrhythmias / severe aortic stenosis / acute systemic infection accompanied by fever. No confounding conditions, such as a neurological disorder, intellectual disorder.
Note: Individuals suspected of having a serious spinal pathology or any contraindication to exercise will be referred to their medical practitioner for review. Once cleared by their medical practitioner they will be reconsidered for inclusion in the trial.