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Figure 3

From: Prevalence and tracking of back pain from childhood to adolescence

Figure 3

Explanation of Figures 4-8. Patterns of reporting types of back pain or seeking care for back pain. P = pain. Red is pain reporting, blue, no pain reporting, and grey is those not in study. The arrows to the smaller circles show the patterns of reporting at the next time-point: still P (reporting pain again), no P (now not reporting pain), left (leaving the study), Got P (changing from not reporting to reporting pain), Still no P (reporting no pain again). P new (entering the study and reporting pain, No P new (entering the study but not reporting pain), question marks (not in study at that specific time of data collection). The three small circles do not sum to 100%: The percentages with pain and without pain for those still in study are given whereas the percentage of those leaving or staying out of the study are given in relation to the number of people in that category in previous study.

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