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Table 1 Patients' eligibility criteria

From: Effectiveness of intramuscular corticosteroid injection versus placebo injection in patients with hip osteoarthritis: design of a randomized double-blinded controlled trial

  Inclusion criteria:
1. Hip OA* according to clinical ACR** criteria
2. Age > 40 years
3. Symptomatic disease for at least 6 months prior to enrolment
4. Radiographic evidence of OA* (Kellgren-Lawrence score ≥ 2)
5. Persistent pain despite receiving optimal doses of oral pain medication for at least 3 weeks. Pain severity (in rest or on walking) defined as ≥ 3 on an NRS# (0-10 range, 0 = no pain)
  Exclusion criteria:
1. Inability to understand Dutch questionnaires
2. Systemic infection
3. Local infection
4. Systemic arthritis
5. Diabetes mellitus
6. Coagulopathy
7. Gastric ulcer
8. Current use of oral corticosteroids, DMARDs$ or immunosuppressive medication
9. Allergy to corticosteroids
10. Anticoagulant therapy (coumarins)
11. On the waiting list for total hip replacement surgery
12. IA## injection into the hip in the previous 6 months
13. Radiologic signs of osteonecrosis
14. Participation in other medical trial
15. Pregnancy or lactating female
  1. * OA Osteoarthritis; **ACR American College of Rheumatology; # NRS Numerical Rating Scale; $ DMARD disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; ## IA intra-articular