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Table 3 Test modalities for postural control

From: Efficacy of conservative treatment regimes for hip osteoarthritis - Evaluation of the therapeutic exercise regime "Hip School": A protocol for a randomised, controlled trial

Test Position Recording time Number of trials
Bi-pedaled with eyes open Feet in parallel position
Weight is equally distributed on the feet
Knees slightly bended
Arms akimbo
10 s each 3 each
Bi-pedaled with eyes closed    
Tandem stance right foot in front Feet are placed on a line, one before the other
Toes of the rear foot are in contact with the heel of the leading foot
Weight is equally distributed on both feet
Knees are slightly bended
Arms akimbo
6 s each 3 each
Tandem stance left foot in front    
Single-led stance right Single led stance
Knee of the supporting leg is slightly bended
Non-supporting leg is not allowed to touch supporting leg
Arms akimbo
6 s each 5 each
Single-led stance left