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Figure 12

From: Homing and reparative effect of intra-articular injection of autologus mesenchymal stem cells in osteoarthritic animal model

Figure 12

Articular cartilage of group-II one month post injection: (a) control joint showing superficial fibrillation & clefts involving 1/3 with slight hypocellularity (H&E 100X); (b): MSCs-treated joint showing hypercellularity and marked decrease in staining with focal areas showing synthesis of extracellular matrix (arrows) (MT 100x). Articular cartilage of group-II two months post injection: (c) control joint showing irregular surface with superficial fibrillation & clefts involving up to 2/3 with slight hypercellularity and moderate subchondral bone thickening (H&E 100x); (d)MSCs, treated joint showing regenerative changes in articular cartilage with slight hypercellularity and increased matrix synthesis (arrows) in lower zone (Alcian blue-PAS 100x). Articular cartilage of group-II six months post injection: (e) control joint showing near total replacement of articular cartilage with fibrous tissue, loss of chondrocytes and marked subchondral bone thickening (H&E 100x); (f) MSCs-treated joint showing degenerative changes in the form of irregular surface, fissures and hypocellularity in superficial & middle zone and regenerative changes in lower zone denoted by increased matrix synthesis (arrows) (Alcian blue-PAS 100x).

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