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Table 2 Protocol for surgical treatment

From: Clinical and radiological outcome of conservative vs. surgical treatment of atraumatic degenerative rotator cuff rupture: design of a randomized controlled trial

1stday postoperatively
Active motion of elbow, wrist, hand. Passive shoulder motion up to pain threshold. Affected arm in sling for 6 weeks; remove only for personal hygiene.
3 rd day postoperatively
Passive motion (including passive exorotation). Submaximal isometric contractions (<30% of voluntary isometric force). Practice ADL* and sleep postures.
2 weeks postoperatively
Outpatient control for wound, neurovascular status, etc. Control of motion and exercises. Continuation of exercises. No combined abduction-exorotation.
6 weeks postoperatively
Outpatient control. Goal: passive motion is the same as preoperative motion. Start guided active motion and expand to active motion. Remove sling. Start rotator cuff rehabilitation. No combined abduction-exorotation.
8 weeks postoperatively
Goal: range of active motion is at least 50% of preoperative.
12 weeks postoperatively
Outpatient control. Goal: active range of motion is the same as preoperative. Start combined abduction-exorotation movement.
  1. * activities of daily living