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Table 1 Chronic conditions for inclusion, based on a list of chronic conditions defined by the CBS

From: Functional outcome in older adults with joint pain and comorbidity: design of a prospective cohort study

Chronic conditions ICPC codes
Pulmonary disease/chronic respiratory disease R91 R95, R96
Chronic ischemic heart disease, heart failure K73, K74, K75, K76, K77, K78, K79, K82, K83, K84
Peripheral arterial heart disease (atherosclerosis) K91, K92
Cerebrovascular disease (stroke, TIA) K89 K90
Diabetes Mellitus T90
Chronic thyroid disorder T85, T86
Nervous system disorder (multiple sclerose, parkinson's disease, epilepsy) N86, N87, N88
Vertigo/dizziness N17
Colitis ulcerosa D94
Urinary incontinence U04
General disability, handicap A28
Visual disturbances/loss F28, F84, F93, F94
Hearing disturbances/loss H28, H84, H86
Memory, concentration, orientation impairment P20
Psychoses/schizophrenia P71, P72, P73 en P98
Anxiety disorder P74
Depression P76
Malignant tumors A79, B72, B73, B74, D74, D75, D76, D77, F74, H75, K72, N74, R84, R85, S77, T71, T73, U75, U76, U77, U79, X75, X76, X77, X81, Y77, Y78