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Table 3 Example participant quotes aligned under six themes regarding current or potential strategies to prevent work related musculoskeletal disorders.

From: Work related musculoskeletal disorders amongst therapists in physically demanding roles: qualitative analysis of risk factors and strategies for prevention

Departmental or Organisational Work load & work allocation Work Practices Work Environment & Equipment Physical Condition or Capacity Education and Training
Factors relating to how a department or organisation is run Factors relating to how the work is distributed & how staff manage their workload s Factors relating to how the work is actually performed Factors relating to the physical environment and resources Factors relating to an individual's physical capacity & what is required to maintain this Factors relating to education and training
"Being able to rotate from a heavier to a lighter work area..." "...reduce caseloads to reduce incidence of performing tasks with a poor technique due to inadequate time." "...vigilant in using good body mechanics." "...appropriate equipment used appropriately." "...identify pain or discomfort early and seek treatment" "...staff educator to provide 'expert' advice for handling of complex patients."
"Various project roles give me a break form patient contact." "...avoid allocating many similar patient types and activities to one person." "...modified manual techniques to reduce stress on thumbs & wrists." "Spend more time setting up environment..." "Annual fitness assessments for physically demanding roles..." "Ensure adequate training of new staff..."
"...encourage reporting of aches and pains" "...workload is often too large that breaks get missed regularly." "Use of a second person to help with patient handling..." "We need more space around beds so you do not have to put body in obscure positions to manoeuvre around furniture and attachments (IV poles etc.)" "Mandatory physical fitness activities during work time..." "Update of knowledge on how to use equipment appropriately..."
"...being able to work reduced hours by one day per week" "Reduce the amount of time doing repetitive tasks..." "...avoid the activity..." ".Maintaining equipment in optimal working order..." "...regular holidays to give me a break!" " assist in developing specialised skills and techniques to perform tasks required."
"...ensure therapists aren't forced to work overtime due to unrealistic heavy caseloads." "Allow time for non clinical tasks to balance out clinical tasks..." "...make clients use more self management approaches to rehabilitation." "Provision of station wagons for carrying equipment on home visits..." "...exercise regularly to maintain strength and flexibility." "Training in joint protection strategies..."