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Table 2 Median and range values for baseline pressure pain thresholds (PPT, kPa) for the mean of the three sites (T1+T2+T3) in the trapezius muscles and the single site in the midportion of the tibialis anterior muscles (right and left sides) for the trapezius myalgia group (NSP) and for the controls (CON)

From: An increased response to experimental muscle pain is related to psychological status in women with chronic non-traumatic neck-shoulder pain

   NSP (n = 19) Median (range) CON (n = 30) Median (range) p-value
PPT Trapezius (mean kPa) Right 213 (113-406) 476 (222-600) <.001
  Left 224 (113-405) 492 (188-600) <.001
PPT Tibialis (kPa) Right 567 (140-600) 600 (188-600) .014
  Left 487 (239-600) 600 (241-600) .008
  1. P-values for differences between groups were derived from Mann-Whitney U-tests.