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Table 1 Moderator's Guide for Interview

From: Patient Disease Perceptions and Coping Strategies for Arthritis in a Developing Nation: A Qualitative Study

Topics Questions
Demographics Do you live in a rural or urban setting?
  What is your marital status?
  How many people are in your home?
  Do you have any other co-morbidities?
  Who do you spend time with throughout the day? Who do you go to if you are having trouble?
Arthritis Story When did you first feel that you had "problem with your joints"?
  How did you feel physically?
  How did you feel mentally?
Explanatory Model of Arthritis What do you know about arthritis (how do you think it works)?
  Where did you get your information about arthritis?
  Why do you think you have it?
Effect of Arthritis on Life What is the most significant way that arthritis has affected your life?
  What are 3 activities that you can no longer do because of arthritis?
  What are 3 activities that you still can do with arthritis?
  How has arthritis affected your role as parent?
  How has arthritis affected your role as spouse?
  Has arthritis made you more happy or sad about life?
Non-medical Resources Who has helped you at home (formal & informal)?
  Who has helped you in the community (formal & informal)?
  Who has helped you at work (formal & informal)?
  What has made it difficult to obtain support?
  What has made it easy to obtain support?
  When did you start asking for support?
Medical Resources Have you seen a doctor?
  Have you seen any other types of healthcare providers?
  Have you tried any medications?
  Have you used any devices?
  Who taught you how to use them?
  What seems to work best?
  How much do you pay for office visits/medications/devices?
  What has made it difficult for you to obtain care?
  When did you seek care?
Total Joint Replacement What do you know about the surgery you will receive?
  Who told you this?
  What do you expect from surgery? What is the chance that you'll have a complication like pneumonia or a heart problem? What is the chance that the surgery will take the pain away?
  What do you expect the recovery to be like? Do you expect that it will be painful, or that it will not be painful? How long do you think will it take until you are able to walk as much as you want?
  If you didn't qualify for OpWalk, what would you have done?
Future Hopes What are your hopes for the future?
  How do you think your life will change once you have a new knee/hip?
  What are 2 or 3 activities that you look forward to being able to do after surgery?