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Table 1 Number of confirmed and estimated cases of fibromyalgia in interviewed population

From: Prevalence of fibromyalgia in France: a multi-step study research combining national screening and clinical confirmation: The DEFI study (Determination of Epidemiology of FIbromyalgia)

A B C D E (B-C)x D/C F (D+E)
Interviewed patients Patients with potential or established fibromyalgia Patients accepting consultation Number of cases of FM confirmed by rheumatologist Number of estimated cases of FM in patients refusing consultation Total number of cases of FM
  (LFES-SQ+) (CS+) (FM+) (CS-)  
3081 232 96 20 28 48
  1. LFES-SQ: London Fibromyalgia Epidemiology Study- Screening Questionnaire, FM: Fibromylagia, CS: Consultation?