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Table 4 A list of the top 30 genes that were expressed in the regeneration tissues harvested at 2 or 4 weeks 5 times or more as compared with the normal cartilage.

From: Gene expression profile of the cartilage tissue spontaneously regenerated in vivo by using a novel double-network gel: Comparisons with the normal articular cartilage

Place 2W 4W
1 elongation factor 1 alpha elongation factor 1 alpha
2 osteonectin glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
3 glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase osteonectin
4 collagen type X collagen type X
5 collagen type X transcription factor CP2
6 transcription factor CP2 collagen type X
7 cystatin C cystatin C
8 collagen type III alpha 1 collagen type III alpha 1
9 unknown osteonectin
10 osteonectin osteonectin
11 vimentin unknowm
12 osteonectin unknowm
13 vimentin C-type lectin superfamily member 1
14 unknown vimentin
15 ubiquitin B hemoglobin, beta
16 unknown COMP
17 C-type lectin superfamily member 1 Vimentin
18 fibronectin ribosomal protein L17
19 tartrate-resistant acid phoshatase COMP
20 ribosomal protein S8 unknowm
21 ribosomal protein L17 ubiquitin B
22 unknown fibronectin
23 cartilage oligomeric matrix protein ribosomal protein S8
24 ribosomal protein L17 osteonectin
25 collagen type X collagen type X
26 pP47 protein decorin
27 unknown ribosomal protein L17
28 23 kD highly basic protein ribosomal protein S18
29 ribosomal protein S18 unknowm
30 osteonectin Ribosomal protein L18A