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Figure 4

From: Gene expression profile of the cartilage tissue spontaneously regenerated in vivo by using a novel double-network gel: Comparisons with the normal articular cartilage

Figure 4

Expression of proteoglycan-related genes. In the regenerated tissues, the same genes were dominantly expressed at each period, while the expression degree of DCN and FMOD genes was obviously greater (twice or more) in comparison with the normal cartilage, and the GPC6 gene was expressed to a lesser degrees (one-fourth). (PRG4: proteoglycan 4; PRELP: proline-arginine-rich end leucine-rich repeat protein; DCN: decorin; FMOD: fibromodulin; GPC6: glypican 6; BGN: biglycan; SDC2: syndecan 2; AGC: aggrecan; CSPG2: chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan 2; SGCB: sarcoglycan beta; SDC4: syndecan 4).

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