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Table 3 Costs as applied in the economic evaluation

From: Ankles back in randomized controlled trial (ABrCt): braces versus neuromuscular exercises for the secondary prevention of ankle sprains. Design of a randomised controlled trial

Costs Cost (€)
Direct health care costs:  
   General practitioner (mean cost of total visits)^ 87.19
   Physical therapist (per visit = 30 min)* 28.00
   Sports physician (per visit = 30 min)* 80.00
   Medical specialist (mean cost of total visits)# 89.24
   Hospital costs (if seen by specialist)# 397.80
   Alternative therapist (per visit)* 27.20
   Emergency room (per visit) ^ 197.12
   Drugs‡ n.a.
   Medical devices‡  
Tape (per roll) 4.00
Brace 79.50
Crutches (rent per week) 15.00
Indirect costs:  
   Absenteeism from paid work (per day)§ n.a.
   Absenteeism from unpaid work (per hour)* 7.94
  1. € 1.00 = $ 1.47 = £ 0.89 (d.d. 07-06-11)
  2. * Costs according to Dutch guidelines
  3. # Costs according to DBC (Zorgautoriteit 2011)
  4. ‡ According to tariff of the Royal Dutch Society of Pharmacy
  5. § Indirect costs for paid work was calculated for each injured separately based on mean income of the Dutch population according to age and sex
  6. ^ According to cost research on self-reference to GP and ER [22]